Fundraising 101

If you haven’t already started, now is the time to get started with the fundraising! Mom and dad can’t, and probably won’t, fork over all the salad that it will take to get you to Gallinas Canyon for this year’s E2E Boot Camp. So, this is how YOU can do it!

First things first, the cost per student is $275.00 (that includes the $50.00 deposit) plus the money that will be needed to actually get you there and, if you’re lucky, back (that’s a joke). Now before you quit without ever doing a single push up, remember all the people around you who want you to go to E2E more than you do, like your parents… everyone at church… your grandmother… Darth Vader.

Fundraising, cut down into bite-sized pieces, is easier to kick start and manage than you think. Just follow the directions below. Let’s get going on some of the greatest fundraising ideas ever known to man.

Download this letter and proceed.

Car Wash

Yeah we know, it seems like way too much work for like, $22.75. But did you know you can actually make hundreds in one afternoon’s car wash? cha-ching! $$

Look, ask your youth leader (or a trusted adult in the church) to help organize this car wash.

The supplies needed are:

  1. Water (not optional).
  2. some type of car washing soap (optional).
  3. sponges and towels (not the decorative ones your mom has in the kitchen).
  4. small vacuum cleaner (again, optional).

If there are other kids from your church going, get them in on this. DON’T CHARGE A SET PRICE because that’s all you’ll get. Ask for donations. You’ll be surprised at how many really cool people there are out there as opposed to the occasional tight-wad. If the job is done right and in a public place, your contribution tally can average in the double digits per car wash!


This has to be the easiest way to make that cheese when it comes to the E2E. Here is the form you can use to hit people up for donation pledges for every mile you walk/run. Get your youth leader (or a trusted adult in the church) to help you organize a walk/run event at a local track. He will then certify on your form how many miles (4 times around the track) you actually did. You then return to your pledgers and collect the donations. Easy, really.

Push Ups!

This is good when you have been procrastinating and realize that, short of a miracle, you will be the only kid at your church that Wednesday night of boot camp. Download this form. Have your Pastor/Youth Leader announce Sunday morning that you (and the rest of your last-minute homies) will be doing pushups for donations (the best time is after Sunday night service ). Then hit up people for pledges per push up. If you aren’t a total wimp, this could work out well. Hint: The more people pledge, the more contributions you will get.

Be accountable. Always have an adult in charge of your contributions whether it be a Parent, Youth Leader or Pastor. Don’t leave room for people to accuse you of stealing or misusing your contributions to buy an iPod. “Let no one despise your youth…” – 1 Tim 4.12